Chem 60/65 Exams and Quizzes

The following are exams and quizzes I have given to my students.

These questions will not be identical to the ones in your course.  To ensure complete coverage of study materials, refer to your syllabus.  I do not post keys or final exams.

The keys to your exams will be provided in class.

You have 3 hours for each exam, and the the quizzes are now done as online assignments.

“Cheat sheets” are not allowed.  You do have a cover page for all exams.

The final is 50 multiple choice questions.

Chem 60 and Chem 65 are both introductory chemistry classes. Chem 65 has fewer lab experiments than Chem 60 but the lecture component is the same.

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Fall 2015