AEW Syllabus

 Chemistry 60 Academic Excellence Workshop

Spring 2016

Instructor Information

Instructor Email Office Location & Hours
Carlos Quintanilla QUINTACD8789@STUDENT.LACCD.EDU Sci Room 305, Fridays from 12-2pm

General Information


This workshop is intended to help students solidify their understanding of the concepts covered in their lecture by providing students problems that require the use of critical thinking and analytical skills. Students will be placed into groups where they will collaborate on methods that could be used to solve a problem. Students are encouraged to debate in a constructive manner about concepts and how they can be applied to problems.

Expectations and Goals

This workshop is not a replacement for lecture nor for homework; it is a complement to the course. Students are expected to have read the corresponding chapter in the textbook and have, at the very least, attempted some of the homework problems assigned in their class.

This workshop is meant to help students succeed in the course by providing students with a set of skills that are necessary for success in STEM courses. Students will also be encouraged to form study groups outside of the workshop. The end goal of this workshop is to teach students that they can learn anything so long as they put in the effort.

Course Materials

Required Materials

Optional Materials


Additional Information and Resources

PubChem (Chemical Search Engine)

LaTeX Resources

LACC Chemistry Club

Critical thinking is very important in life and the following link discusses a few ways on how to do just that:

Thinking Critically